Tutorial – Messiah to Modo

Tutorial – How to export animation from Messiah and take it to Modo.

How to export animation from Messiah and how to apply it on a model in Modo.  Tutorial also shows how to later change the already rigged and animated mesh in Messiah. This is good to know because you may need to update your character mesh during animation production.  You can download the tutorial as a PDF from Files-page.

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Ok Now this will be mind blowing when you can get around creating a complete walk through with these two in action.

Man there will be so many people coming your way trust me. Because no one knows about the ends and outs about messiah that I know of on the luxology site.
With you being around and PGM creating a Mac version of this we will feel better purchasing it for our system as an animation tool to add to Modo.

An instructional video showing a model being complete in modo, all the edge loops added then taken into messiah rigg it and animate it then bring back to Modo for final render movie.

See no one knows the work flow yet no one. Which makes this a very big deal all by it self. the timing is right for some reason. I know that you are busy like crazy man but wow what a day when you do get around to doing a full on video to share with us.

I am going to make a prediction, the day you release this video you will become a mega star at luxology with all of us whom wanted a solution for animation but are forced to wait on Luxology and there programmers. Who knows Modo 501 may not even be ready yet as for animation the way we all think that’s coming.

However it really helps to know that Messiah is around until then. I can not wait to get my modeling down so I can get into animating my creations.



Thanks again Savnac. Yes, that big instructional video would be good one to make. I see how many folks would be interested.

I think there are quite a few people who know the workflow, they’re just too busy to share. I’m one of those people, really, but will try to get it done at some point.

I don’t think Modo will triumph Messiah or other animation-focused tools yet with 501, or Messiah ever if Messiah-team keeps on improving, but we can always hope. Having more animation capable tools, especially way under the Maya/Max/Motion Builder-prices, like Messiah and Modo are, is a very good thing for us end-users.

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