Artist Demoreel in Games industry

This is just me showing my recent reels and the idea behind them.

Autumn 2012 I decided to look for new job in game industry. I already had such a job, good one too, but I needed a change and a new challenge to improve. For that end I made a couple of reels.

Here’s a good collection of Demoreel Tips for a good reel:

Gnomon Workshop’s blog also has a nice list of Demoreel Do’s and Don’ts:

What then if you are a generalist? Tips say make focused reels, several if need be. I didn’t have the time. I was thinking I need to show how many different projects and tasks I have done and also how varied work I can do – and as briefly as possible.


What I did goes somewhat against the common advice: a collage-style reel simply listing the games I’ve worked on and the main areas I worked in. I’m leaning on the fact that when you’re in games industry the game credits count a lot. And the listing does help to get across the point that I can do many things. I felt that reason enough for a reel like this.

Niko Mäkelä Gamereel 2012 at Vimeo

I need to mention that in pretty much every application case the gamereel was not enough; People wanted to see examples of single tasks or assets – all very understandable and expected. Having separate reel on modeling and texturing would have been convenient.

Animation reel

I made a separate animation reel because animation has played a large role in my work in past years. This reel is more in-line with common reel-tips. I find it easier to watch.

Niko Mäkelä Animation Reel 2012 at Vimeo

Doing extra helps

It is very competitive out there. Besides reels and resume I believe that if you want a job in games you need something extra. Maybe it is that perfectly tailored-for-job-application and good references, maybe it is a hobby. I have this blog, for one. Whatever the sum of things was, I got a job I like.

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