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Ultima 6 Project Released

I’m happy to announce that our massive freeware role-playing game for PC and Mac is now released!
Go explore the huge living world, meet curious individuals, go on grand adventures, sail the seas, delve into massive caves and forest and try to make it out alive.  And if you happen to remember the main quest, try to help Britannia deal with the mysterious gargoyle race and the war.  For more info and the download go to

U6P has been my part-time job for well over 4 years and many on our team have worked on it harder and longer than I have.  You can read about my part here.  I’m very happy for the release, positively glowing, and hope old Ultima fans enjoy our take on the classic and that the game captures new fans as well.  Go take a look!

Got a comment on our game or on freeware game projects in general? Feel free to write.

2 replies on “Ultima 6 Project Released”

The u6project site is currently down, any idea when it will be up again? Just found out about it and it looks awesome, congrats.

Hi Andrei. Sorry for the slow reply, I’ve been on holiday away from computers. The site seems to up and working again. Some other sites also offer download mirrors, so even if ours is down sometime other sources should be available.
Thanks and I hope you enjoy the game!

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