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Ultima 6 Project review

Our game Ultima 6 Project was released 07/2010 and here are some reviews it has recieved since.

Ultima 6 Project was released in July 2010.  Now I’d like to tell you how it has been received. This is not about blog topics but a personal thing – but important enough as such that I want to share.

What is U6P?

Ultima 6 Project is a massive free role-playing game for PC and Mac.  It is an old game classic Ultima VI re-made and improved – our version of it.  Us here is we, the Team Archon.  You can see my part of the project  here, and read my take on the benefits of project like this.  I’m attaching some images from the game(click to view in full).

Ultima 6 Project screenshotUltima 6 Project screenshotUltima 6 Project screenshotUltima 6 Project

After the summer release U6P has been reviewed in a number of places and with quite positive results, too.  I’m linking to the official online reviews below (those that I know of).

Ultima 6 Project Reviews online

Ultima 6 Project Magazine reviews

Pelit-magazine(Finnish) gave U6P score of 90/100.  I’m translating some of the final bullet-points from the review for you, below.  I won’t show any scans from the magazine as that is usually frowned upon.  If you know Finnish, get the mag and check out the full one-spread review. And if you know some other magazine that has reviewed U6P, please write below – let me know.

  • Feels like a real Ultima.
  • Plot takes hold and takes you away.
  • Lots to do.
  • Realtime combat is tricky.
  • Camera plays tricks on you.

Pelit-magazine final words are:  “Ambitious fan-project is a mind-opening experience”.  They also gave the game Pelit Magazine Recommends-stamp of approval.

[box type=”note” size=”large”] If you know of any more U6P reviews, please let me know and I will add them to the list.  Comments are also welcome.[/box]

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