Learning by Teaching

This blog is for learning – not only yours but mine too. I learn by teaching. Read how.

I blog to teach about characters and animation and help people teach themselves.  What may not be apparent is that I also learn by teaching.

When I choose to write an article about something, I have to build examples and/or research the topic more to ensure I’m not in error after all or that somebody else hasn’t already said the exact same thing.  Of course nothing can be confirmed to 100% certainty, but I do my best.  Doing these checkups and examples I learn more about the topic.  It all takes a good amount of time, especially with the more ‘researchy’-pieces.

I also learn while explaining.  I don’t usually plan ahead with something like modeling – I just do it and make decisions while working.  Having to come up with logical steps, something explainable, forces me to examine what I do.  Then writing it down helps me organise my thoughts better.  Writing things down helps me learn them  ‘on another level’, as silly as it may sound.

Finally doing a tutorial on the subject, like modeling or lighting, forces me to apply the logic and try look for the shortest and simples steps to get it done.

I believe the more you teach the more you learn.  Explaining something well to others you have to first master it – just being able to do it on your own isn’t enough.  What do you think?  What type of learning works best for you?

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I completely agree with this. It’s nice to have such great teacher around. You inspire so many around you that you have not met yet, Now that’s the cool thing about this.


“Holy Positive Feedback Overflow, Batman!” What I mean is thank you very much, Savnac, but please let me earn those words, first 🙂

No man I mean it. you are the only one that I can relate to about this. And boy when you start doing your video tutorials that will start us into Messiah, wow that will be the day that all walls come down regarding the steap learning curve.

Of course there will have to be trail an error on the users part but with your guidance how can any of us go wrong.

There seems to be a disconection with the videos teaching messiah to new guys for some reason. I think it’s has a lot to do with the levels that the instructor teach the software. Most of it assumes that a user already knows what he or she’s doing. And that not really the case.

A lot of us are discovering Messiah for the first time and boy does it look complicated, but all programs do until someone comes along that understands the audience
and we go from there on to great things.

Please do not get me wrong, there are a tin of great things over at PMG, but there’s something missing as well for brand new users and how to break down Messiah to get your head around how to use it and use it well from ground up.

So thanks to you again,


Thank you Savnac for the faith. I’ll try live up to it when I get around to creating some learning material. Unfortunately I’m neck deep in projects just now, which shows in my blogging frequency as well. I agree Messiah is a complex beast, like any advanced animation software is bound to be, and that it would benefit from more learning material with a different approach.

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