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Letting people know about some other good learning blogs(or similiar). Share your favourites!

I think I should promote other good CG learning blogs on the net.  I have these currently in my Blogroll(=the list of links available on this site).

  • 3D Ninja is learning blog gold by Wes McDermott.  He covers game design/development, digital compositing and writes about the following software and lots of tutorials for them too: modo, Maya, Mudbox, Toxik and Unity iPhone Game Engine.
  • Intel Software Network Artist Blog got my interest because they have interviews from Project Offset developers, the inside story in a way.  Intel has been growing a huge community or more like communities around varied topics and CG is one of them.  They have a very nice way of making people active, a competition that I would recommend:  Animate This!  Digital art tutorial challenge.  Get rewarded for writing a quality tutorial.  Maybe you have a suitable material sitting on your computer already?  Check it out.  I’ve won and have bagged one gift voucher myself.
  • Reanimators Podcast is bi-weekly show featuring guests working in game, comics and film.  Really good listen, topics such as Animation Acopalypse which features animation critique.  The guys chat about many topics, a lot about games and and animation as they are all game animators.

Very short list, don’t you think?  Maybe you can help me out.  I would wish to add only quality learning blogs, or some quality blog close to being a learning blog, and keep the list somewhat short – only list the best.  Please, share you favourites.  Edit:  CG learning blogs only, thank you.

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Thank you Dylan for the first comment. I checked your blog and I do like how you write and the music there was to listen to, as well.

But I have to be more specific. Please post only quality CG learning blog links here, thank you. No others (after this one) will be published.

Hey I just tried to access the tutorial pdf of your 3d lighting tutorial and it wouldn’t let me it said there was an error. also the body modeling pdf had the same problem


Hi Rolando. Just tested both links and they seems to work. I tested by both left-clicking(open) and right-clicking(and choosing “save as”). I’ve tested with Firefox 3.6 and Internet Explorer 6. How did you try to download? What browser?

Please note you can download the files only from CGmascot-pages, usually from Files-page. Direct outside links won’t work.
– Niko

Well thank you, Gry. I think my others posts have more to comment about, in other words would be more interesting to link to, but thank you.

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