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Mascot Service Release

CGmascot now offers Mascot Service: Mascot design for organisations. Order your own animated company mascot.

It is A-LIVE! I am is happy to release the Mascot Service.  It is available in Finnish and English.  Go read and see 4 mascot examples.

Why a mascot?

A mascot gives friendly face to an organization, stands out, communicates the company values and sticks in your mind.  It is the perfect representative, positive and sympathetic figure that can be your trademark and a brand.  Mascot also saves both time and money, often beats regular photo shoots and models – it really rocks in advertising.

I have looked for a special service I could offer, something that uses my skillset nicely and the software pipeline I have set up, and this is it.  I think it offers lots of value and might do well.   Though the release time is worst possible for Finland:  the whole country more or less closes down for the summer.  Time will tell, I guess.

This is why I haven’t blogged quite as much of late.  Well, I’m back and shall keep writing.

What do you think about company mascots in general?  Would you be interested in learning more about them?

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