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CGmascot Redesign

CGmascot is back and better – redesigned.

CGmascot is back and better!  Took me a while, lots of work and green tea, but now the site is redesigned and up and working.

I hope you like the look and feel.  The visual work is not quite finished yet, will get some polish later.

One thing I am sure you agree has improved is getting around the site and finding things.  One of the most common problem on blogs, in my opinion, is getting to the content.  My old site was like that – just one article available on front page and rest you had to to dig up from archives.  This WordPress-theme (The Morning After by Woothemes) and my implementation should offer a different experience.

I’ve also updated and polished the Mascot Service page, with new flashy introductory slider and a PDF.  See Maskottipalvelu for Finnish and Mascot Service for English.

So, what do you think?

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