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What drives people to blogging? Here’s my story. Also who is that bird-buddy of mine? Read on.

What drives people to blogging?   And what’s up with that CGmascot?  Here’s a story about my motivation for both.

Teaching is something I’ve done in one form or another since 1998.  Why I was originally expected to be good at it I don’t know, perhaps my calm personality seemed to suit the job, but I found I AM good at it and enjoy it.  Still it was the wrong subject(web design) and never became a big thing for me.

3D is another animal entirely – ever since I became reasonably capable in it I’ve wanted to teach it.  I’ve been developing a learning material concept for dvd-rom, but as planned it would have been a one year project, full-time.  Several reality-checks later I came across a person that is far more ‘hip’ on web 2.0 than I will ever be, and she suggested blogging.  And what do you know, it suits me well.  So here we are.  This is not the material I planned for the dvd, but it is a venue for me to share what I know and also to let my skills be known.

So why the mascot? It goes back to my childhood and drawing what little boy thought was cool, which, at the time, was Lord of The Rings, Tripods, The samurai, and many other things including some ever awesome animals.  We got to design an ex libris for ourselves in art class, and I went for an eagle.  Since then the eagle sort of stuck even though I (later) knew it is cliché as a symbol.
Origins of CGmascot, ver 1. 2001.

In 2001 came the first 3D-eagle (I started doing 3d in the year 1999 or 2000) .  I made this head with a mascot in mind, but didn’t like the result enough to continue.

In 2005 I rebuilt the bird and experimented with some rather odd clothing.  And please don’t even mention the eyebrows.  Didn’t shape up to a real mascot yet.  The pictures have CG nudity, so don’t click on them if that’s an issue for you.
Origins of CGmascot, ver 2. 2005.Origins of CGmascot, ver 2. 2005.Origins of CGmascot, ver 2. 2005.

Origins of CGmascot.  Final version. 2010.Finally in 2010, my mind set on the learning-blog, I decided on CGmascot-name partly because I always wanted to finish the damn bird and it seemed like an original title.  Hence I rebuilt the 2005 eagle to CGmascot.  So there you have it:  Childhood fixation becomes something usable later in life.

What got you writing?  Please, share your story.

3 replies on “CGmascot hiStory”

Wow what a nice story and background on this design. I myself have a character that I one day will bring to life after I figure out how it all works.

Man your character is amazing. I am a fan of your work not only a student.


Sweet, Savnac. CGmascot and I both thank you. My bird-friend looks both embarrassed and happy.

I hope to see your character smiling and walking around some day.

Yes as soon as I can get my head around how to model in 3D. You will be one of the first one to view it.


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