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What’s up with CGmascot? An update has lately been a rare thing. I feel I should tell you why.

An update has lately been a rare thing. I feel I should tell you why.

What’s up with CGmascot?

When CGmascot begun yours truly was a freelancer with time to write about my interest; tutorial-like articles and little researchy pieces. The blog was my hobby(still is). I had at least one article per week at start, but things changed quite radically with a steady day job in game industry and lately with a new addition to my little family. Hence the time I have for the blog, or for hobbies in general, is very close to zero.

Also it doesn’t help that before getting employed I took on an extensive tutorial project that is still ongoing. Tutorial takes away what little blog time I have. But rest assured in the end the blog will benefit from the tutorial. As it is rather massive in scope, I can pick things from it to share here at CGmascot. Little sharing also helps the tutorial become known.

Long story short: I will still add do the blog occasionally. Please check back sometime. Better yet, subscribe to the RSS feed or Email Updates – then you will be notified when new content is up. And have no worries about subscribing – I don’t do spam.

Cool stuff

To lighten things up here’s a few things I’ve enjoyed lately.

  • Supercell (as in the company I work at) storm cloud, impressive pictures.
  • Game Development History – All Your History Are Belong to Us, a very good documentary series about game companies and their games
  • Indie Game Revolution – Gametrailers Bonus Round talks with great indie developers about creating games today
  • TED – brilliant talks on various topics – like this one and the follow up

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