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This is a look at where CGmascot is right now and where it is going.

This is a look at where CGmascot blog is right now and where I’m going with it.

I started CGmascot in late February 2010.  You can read up on the Why of it here. First there was 3 articles per week.  Every article takes good deal of time to do, so that pace was nuts.  Now I’m down to one post per week, which is reasonable and something I hope to keep up.  Personal life and work may intervine, so please understand if I miss an update sometime.

CGmascot has, at this post release, 22 posts.  If you have trouble finding articles, I suggest checking out the Archives.  You also also browse via Categories (page top or sidebar).  Also every article has links to other related articles at the end.

The plan is to do more articles on animation.  So far I’ve focused on animation production, modeling for animation and low-polygon work.  Animation needs attention.  So I’m thinking about something like this:  I do a small animation project and then brake the process down for you.  Hopefully some weeks from now I have time to go at it.

Now I’m working on a major new section for this site.  CGmascot will acquire a commercial dimension.  It is not a tutorial shop that some have requested.  However I will later make tutorials for sale, too.  That is definitely in plans.  But don’t worry, CGmascot core content, the blog, will stay free.

Some site additions worth mentioning:

  • Check the links at page bottom.  There is a new link to Thadeel’s Animation advice.  It is a Youtube channel with some very good animation tips.  I need to rethink the links-section, though.  It is very hard to find good CG Tutorial or CG Tips Blogs to fill it.
  • Check the Files.  I have added two base meshes to the Model an Animation Ready Male Body-tutorial downloads.  Now there is the tutorial end result, the big bulky male base mesh, and two others: normally proportioned male and female.
  • I keep updating the articles whenever I notice something needs fixing, better wording or more info.  So if you notice something has changed, I promise it is for better.

That’s all for now.  What do you think of the blog?  What would you like to see more?

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