Game Development Beta release, Supercell insider and articles, a free browser action MMO is out (in Beta) and so are the company behind it and the investors. Read on for more..

Today marks the release of Beta, a free browser action roleplaying game, and publishing of the company behind the game, Supercell, and investors behind it. This post tells about the above, about my involvement, and links to other articles. Beta

The game is technically special, perhaps even amongst the first in a new wave of browser gaming. Why? Scores of other current browser games(MMOs included) are static and slow-paced. Gunshine brakes the mold: It is a fast real-time strategic action with friends – that’s the special bit. Also it is all free and easy to get into and play. I know it sounds like marketing spiel but that really is an accurate description. Fans of online roleplaying games and/or fast action, or those bored with old generation of online social games, will likely enjoy it. Other developers may follow with more fast paced browser games.

Gunshine runs in browser without special things to install. Game does require Flash-plugin but then again 90%+ people who use browser have it already. Ipad and Iphone-users though are out of luck without Flash-support (for now). is still in early Beta meaning it has bugs and the content is in progress. But worry not – there is plenty to play at the present. Currently we invite Beta testers to play and give feedback so we can improve and build what we have. The game is built to grow step by step.

Supercell and my part

In short Supercell is a promising startup with strong backing and a great creative team. I can say some well known game industry veterans have seen and Supercell worth investing in. Supercell-site and the articles linked below will tell you more about the company and about our backers. I’m more on solid ground writing about our creative process.

My work at Supercell is why this blog has been quiet-like since December 2010. I’m happy to be part of a team of professional game developers. We have a flexible pipeline on the art-side, each can and do juggle many tasks. However quite naturally the majority of certain type of tasks go to people who spezialise in them. I create 3D and 2D assets, weighing on the former, and lots of animations. To me it feels quite sweet a role – so far getting to model and animate many of the coolest creatures in game. Regardless mine is just a small part of the whole, the team together make it all happen.

I hope to share more inside info about our creative process later.


Here are some articles about and about Supercell. I will keep adding links for a while to this list.

So, what do you think? Is Gunshine a hit or a miss? If games like Gunshine are not the future of browser gaming then what is?

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You have a point there 😉 Yes, game industry is a field where Finland does very well with no affiliation to Nokia needed. And slowly but surely people are learning to keep the ownership local too – or learning ways to do it. Local funding and education would help that goal. Looks like things are getting slowly better in that regard too. A related Talouselämä-article was written ´Spotify could be born in Finland too´, (but is no longer available).

I hadn’t visited the blog in a few months and now I get to see that you managed to start working on the game industry, and furthermore the project you are in is already on an open beta!

Really glad to see that it went well for you in that company!

Thumbs up!!

Hey Luciano,
thank you for comment and friendly words. Makes me smile 🙂 Supercell has a fine team and luckily I fit in well. And yes, things are looking good for Gunshine. Like all in Supercell I have a personal and professional interest in it continueing to do well. We’ll do our best to make it so.

On another side, the gunshine game looks great and it is truly promising, my best wishes for the project as well


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