These are the free tutorials and files I share, most introduced on the blog. If you want to share them please link to this page or to the introductory post of each tutorial, thank you, as direct links from outside CGmascot do not work.


Base Meshes

These base meshes were made for tutorials and projects, see list below. All models are in obj-format and free to use in your projects. Only selling is not allowed.

Introduction File
Model Animation Ready Male Body bulky male
normal male
normal female
Modo, Zbrush and Messiah for Fast Production normal male ver2. (head has a base face)

Design Tutorials

Model Animation Ready Male Body(base mesh) – Introduction.
PDF document here.

Presentation Tutorials

How to do 3-point lighting and little post processing of your render, introductionBasic Lighting PDF. Download also Basic Lighting workfiles, including models(obj), scene(lxo) and image-file(psd).  Zip-package 2,5mb.

Production Tutorials

Transfer animation from Messiah to Modo, introduction. And the file: Messiah to Modo PDF

Using MDDs and displacement at the same time in Lightwave PDF.  Helps doing animation production in Lightwave.  Also includes little advice on exporting displacement from Zbrush. There is no separate introduction blogpost for this one.

Tutorials for Gmax

Little quides on creating 3D with Gmax, made originally for our game team but available for anyone interested. These have no futher introduction.

3d_help_gmax.pdf, creating 3D for games with Gmax, misc. info. ver.1.9.

character_mapping_gmax.pdf, character uvs and texturing in Gmax. ver.1.0.