Animation Character Creation Tutorial – Teaser

Ever wanted to make a 3D character like seen in animated movies? I’m making an tutorial showing how to do just that. Check out preview stuff here.

This has been requested enought times, so here I go, finally. This project is loads of fun to work on and really time consuming too. I hope you’ll like it as much as I do.

You can also watch it in HD at vimeo.

Tutorial Details (in short)


Covers a bit on character design, then goes deep to modeling a character for animation, uv-mapping, sculpting, texturing and finally quick posing and to a promotional render. On the way I tell you why I do things the way I do.  Tutorial video duration will most likely be 10+ hours.  The base head & eye-modeling alone is around 1 hour 40 minutes.

Software used

Luxology Modo (for 3d) and Adobe Photoshop (2d). However no part of the tutorial needs just those two softwares – you can use any similiar software to get the job done. I will list 3D-tools used(such as bevel) in the tutorial details, so you can see what your software can do and what, if any, you need to employ another software for. And instead of Photoshop you can use any capable bitmap painting/editing software.

Aimed for / Level of difficulty

Anyone who knows how to operate a 3D-software. I’m not explaining very basics – software manual and generic tutorials can tell you that. However I do go over what tools we will use and where.


Tutorial will be in HD720P video, quicktime-files, and with a menu to easily access them.


Tutorial will be available from a reputable online vendor as a download or on a dvd.


The price won’t be low but not scary either and the value for money will be high.

Future plans

Tutorial is planned as the first in a series that goes from design all the way to animated short film production and finish.

That’s it for now.  More will come, at least a trailer, before the tutorial releases.

What would you like to have in such a tutorial?  Please feel free to write comments and questions below.
Update: Tutorial is delayed for unknown time -a LONG time- due to other work taking my time. I rather not set a date for release and miss it again. If you want to make sure you don’t miss the release without coming back here to check over and over, subscribe to site RSS feed or Email Updates.

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Great starting point. Will you do the animation in Messiah Pro. Now that would be great to learn which will cause a lot of Modo users whom are in to animation to go and check it out.

Nice update, I will have to keep my eye on this one for sure.


Yes, future tutorials after this one will be using Messiah for rigging and animation. That is in plans. However this tutorial is a ‘stand-alone’, needs only a good 3D software like Modo.

I also see the benefit of using Messiah together with Modo and that many might like a tutorial on it. Messiah rocks in animation and could be an excellent companion to many softwares.

Hi Joel,
hate to disappoint but there is no definite date – only certainty is that no time soon.

A often hectic day job got into the way and also family life. Both are great for me but the tutorial is on pause/in snail-like development, indefinitely. I do want to finish it someday, possibly in smaller more focused form, but I can’t give a date.

I read all your articles, very usefull info for my studies, I’m currently making a short by myself. Too bad that you couldn’t finish this tutos series. Do you think about realeasing some parts of it on the blog?
Oh, I found a very good article that could help you planing stuff xD

Thank you Eiti. You read all articles? Impressive and humbling. Thank you.
Sorry about not delivering on the character tutorial series. I did want, still do, but life happened. I’m still thinking about finishing modeling part alone, but doing that well enough is quite an undertaking. So no promises whatsoever. If I do get it done I will release parts for free.

Thank you for the link. Zing! Nice one 😀
Good luck with your short!

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