Animation Character Creation Tutorial – Modeling Tools

Would you like a sneak peek at the Character Creation Tutorial I’m developing? This video shows the tools and how I use them, the method in brief.

Here is  a look into the modeling tools and technique used in coming Animation Character Creation Tutorial.  The tools I use are very standard fare, hardly new to anyone who has done polygon modeling, which is all good – the goal is to keep it easy and fun. The method is the interesting bit. Techinique shown in the video is something I’ve talked about before, too.

Even if this is all familiar to you already, you can watch the video as a brief example of what my video tutorials may be like.  This video is an early(and very very small) part of the final tutorial.

Click Vimeo-link in the video to watch it in HD at Vimeo.

Music:  Eighteen Pieces by Soda and Sevenhundredbeats by Duncan Beattie.

The tutorial develops well and more info will come.

2 replies on “Animation Character Creation Tutorial – Modeling Tools”

You have made my interest in modelling grow, can i apply this in 3DMAX?

Pliz get the tuts out by today……..cant wait

Doandl Thige

Hey Ronald

Thank you, nice to hear 🙂

As long as you can find similiar tools in your software, you can follow this method. Almost all software that do polygon modeling should offer them.

Tutorial will still take a good while before completion. Have patience 😉

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