Author Niko Mäkelä

Hi, my name is Niko Mäkelä.  I’m an artist and art manager working in games industry.  My passion is in characters, game development and teaching.  I’m obsessed about getting to the core of things, exploring concepts and common techniques rather than ‘just’ the tools.

CGmascot Blog is my educational take on Computer Graphics with character, animation and game art focus.  Like many who have been working in this field for a good while, I am self taught.  Self-teaching became a habit and this blog is about sharing it.

Dec 2018 Note:  I haven’t been active on this blog since 2011 besides a few posts, so most of the content is dated, portfolio is way out of date, etc.  But I still I stand by the content I have posted and am updating/removing those few I don’t fully agree with any more.

Professionally background in brief:

  • Worked in games for 10+ years as an 3D/2D artist and animator
  • Been part of 7+ released games.  Plus stands for 3 that were out only in ‘soft launch’.
  • Otherwise worked in graphic design, advertising and some film effects/3D.

Currently I work at a game company Housemarque as an Art Manager

I live in Pirkanmaa area, Finland with my little family.