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About CGmascot

Hi, I'm Niko and this is my personal site. was a blog about game art and animation learning. It featured articles on topics such as modeling for animation and animation production. And also offered a mascot design service.

But life got busy and the blog received content only for 1 year. After that it just sat here, collecting spam. Finally admitting I would not return to blogging, in July 2022 I replace the blog with this single page. But some CGmascot content is still shared here.

This webpage is also has my micro CV + Portfolio.

Resources & Articles

3D art resources, Articles and Tutorials

These resources are from 2010 (CGmascot Blog) or from before, but are good/ok enough that I'm still sharing them.

Mini Portfolio

Niko's Professional Story

I'm a self taught artist & animator & teacher, working in games industry, where for many years I've been in directing and management-roles in Art & Animation. I was also a student of culture, multimedia, communication and visual topics in university, on the side of work.

External Development Director

Housemarque / Sony Playstation

Planning, budgeting, directing, executing and developing External Development (still with focus on 3D Art).

Jan 2022 - Present

Art Manager & Animation Director


Animation Direction (Returnal).
Art Managing: Planning, budgeting, directing and executing outsourcing of Art & Animation (Stormdivers & Returnal).

Aug 2017 - Dec 2021

Senior Artist & Animator > Lead Artist > Art Director > Art Manager


3D/2D art leading & animating on Rocklynn Tower Siege (Mobile) at first. On Matterfall (PS4) carried the AD-role and Art Managing was added to include my managerial & outsourcing responsibilities for that game, and other games to follow.

Dec 2012 - Jul 2017

Game Artist & Animator


Game Artist with focus on 3D art and 2D & 3D animation, worked on every released game up till, and including, Boom Beach, so from early days to Supercell's meteoric raise to success.

Dec 2010 - Nov 2012

2D & 3D Artist, Animator, Web Designer, Illustrator and a Teacher. And a student of Cultural Anthropology, Communication and Multimedia.

Several companies as my clients, and some freeware projects. Plus University of Jyväskylä.

Key is that during this time I became and animator and artist on animation, film and game-projects, including 6 years of freeware open world RPG-game creation, and about 1,5 years of educational games.

Sep 1999 - Nov 2010

Contact & Credits

I don't do social media much, but you can try reach me via LinkedIn. Do mention if you are coming from this website.

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