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Low-poly Tips 3 – Game Art Asset optimization

These are 3D art asset modeling, rigging, uv-mapping and texturing tips. And not only for low-poly though it is where they are needed the most. See also other tip collections, the first and second set. Minimize number of Draw Calls … Continue reading

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Modo, Zbrush and Messiah for Fast Production

Using Modo, Zbrush and Messiah together for creating a detailed character, rigging it for animation and bringing all together in Modo. Continue reading

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Personal Animation Production Hell

An animation production should start from a good story and careful design. Read what happens when it has neither of those things. Continue reading

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8 Animation Production Tips – Modeling and Animation

From things learned in Animation Production to tips that save you trouble. First collection focuses on modeling and animation. Continue reading

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Illusion of Life in 3D Character Animation. Part 2.

In part 1 we examined what makes good animation. Now lets take the animation principles in hand and see, via a case study, if novice animators make mistakes and if so then where and why. Continue reading

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