Tutorial – Basic 3-point Lighting

Shows how to setup 3-point lighting, render passes for post processing and combine in Photoshop(or in other image editing software).  Intermediate-level, requires base working knowledge of your preferred 3D-software and image editing.

Tutorial comes with

  • low-poly model of the character used for the tutorial.  OBJ-format.
  • higher-poly version of the same model(subdivided).  OBJ.
  • the scene example as a Modo-file, LXO, for Modo ver.3 and above.  A free 15 day evaluation version of Modo is available at http://www.luxology.com/trymodo/
  • Photoshop-file(PSD) showing the post-processing layers used.

Tutorial & files are availabe in Files-section.

This marks my first tutorial release after CGmascot-launch.  There will be others.  Now in the Files you can find one that helps animation production in Lightwave and few older ones for Gmax.

If you like the tutorial, please let me know – comment below.  Other feedback is also welcome.  Also feel free to suggest tutorials.  Ideas are always welcome.

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