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I think I should promote other good CG learning blogs on the net.  I have these currently in my Blogroll(=the list of links available on this site).

  • 3D Ninja is learning blog gold by Wes McDermott.  He covers game design/development, digital compositing and writes about the following software and lots of tutorials for them too: modo, Maya, Mudbox, Toxik and Unity iPhone Game Engine.
  • Intel Software Network Artist Blog got my interest because they have interviews from Project Offset developers, the inside story in a way.  Intel has been growing a huge community or more like communities around varied topics and CG is one of them.  They have a very nice way of making people active, a competition that I would recommend:  Animate This!  Digital art tutorial challenge.  Get rewarded for writing a quality tutorial.  Maybe you have a suitable material sitting on your computer already?  Check it out.  I’ve won and have bagged one gift voucher myself.
  • Reanimators Podcast is bi-weekly show featuring guests working in game, comics and film.  Really good listen, topics such as Animation Acopalypse which features animation critique.  The guys chat about many topics, a lot about games and and animation as they are all game animators.

Very short list, don’t you think?  Maybe you can help me out.  I would wish to add only quality learning blogs, or some quality blog close to being a learning blog, and keep the list somewhat short – only list the best.  Please, share you favourites.  Edit:  CG learning blogs only, thank you.

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