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Homage to Just A Geek

A few months ago I read Wil Wheaton’s ‘Just a Geek’ and enjoyed it tremendously. Wil gave an unflincingly honest and humorous look into his life. It made me reflect on mine. This is my little homage to Wil’s book. … Continue reading

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Be an Expert

What makes an expert? Why do companies want experts? These are examples and thoughts of a 3D artist working in games. Lately I’ve been happy to see game industry growing with the expansion of consumer base which has lead to … Continue reading

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Future of 3D modeling looks organic – why care about polygons?

3D Modeling programs and devices advance in leaps and bounds. New tools make sculpting accessible and ever more organic. Can artist skip learning the ‘oldschool’ skills and just embrace the new? 3D Tools of the Future are here Coming up … Continue reading

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Artist Demoreel in Games industry

This is just me showing my recent reels and the idea behind them. Autumn 2012 I decided to look for new job in game industry. I already had such a job, good one too, but I needed a change and … Continue reading

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Low-poly Tips 3 – Game Art Asset optimization

These are 3D art asset modeling, rigging, uv-mapping and texturing tips. And not only for low-poly though it is where they are needed the most. See also other tip collections, the first and second set. Minimize number of Draw Calls … Continue reading

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Low-poly Tips 2 – Game Art Asset Optimization

These modeling, uv-mapping and texturing tips apply to 3D art asset work for games and similiar media. While they are best matched with low-poly 3D, they are definitely not limited to it. See also the previous collection here and the … Continue reading

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Blog and Portfolio Setup for Artists

You’re and artist with a need of a blog or an online portfolio. Where to start? Here are some ideas with positives and downsides – just a little something to help someone get started. You can find links to the … Continue reading

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It will not happen to me, right? Wrong. This blog got hacked and the traffic was directed elsewhere. It took me a while to notice since having older cookies on my computer I was not re-directed, I saw my site … Continue reading

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Blogging time out

What’s up with CGmascot? An update has lately been a rare thing. I feel I should tell you why. Continue reading

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Game Industry change

Game Industry changes. How, Why and What it means for game developers? Leaning on resources and personal experience I tell it how I see it. Continue reading

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